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Extermely Disapointed By Benelli Dealer

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I appreciate sarcasm as much as the next guy. Mudhens sarcasm wasn't blatantly obvious. I just think you were a jerk to Teambenelli.


Speaking of obvious, I figured it was obvious that I modified your dictionary assignment to keep it from getting ****** out. I'll help you with out with the super-secret code I used. Replace the two z's at the end of smartazz with two s's. Type that into your dictionary and I think you'll get my point. Maybe not though. You weren't sharp enough to understand my modification.

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Gee nice comeback! Yep everybody in Tennessee sings country western. You got me good!


You must be ashamed of your state since you refused to list it.




What a credit to the boards you are. I would continue this meaningful, intellectual banter, but I am sure anybody reading these posts would rather get back to talking about Benelli issues.

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Mudhen is very shotgun-knowledgeable and it WAS sarcasm. Don't feel bad though. The guys on this forum are very helpful. I am in the northeast and have had a very difficult time finding a SBEII. I think that the few that I found had to be seconds judging by their condition. I expressed my frustration on this forum and received some criticism also. I think that some thought I was anti-Benelli. That wasn't the case. I had saved up for a new turkey gun and set out to buy what I believed was the best only to get disappointed at the stores. I refused to settle for a shotgun with the sight bead off-center and the camo already comming off in many places. I am waiting for new shipments in hopes that I will find a good one.

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Ok guys, here is the deal.


This is Benelli's website.


I thought a hint of sarcasm in reference to Mossturd was sufficient.


I'm not very complicated, so figuring me out is no great feat.


My sole goal here is to share my first hand experiences upon request and to hear about other's first hand experiences.


Btw - just took the SBE II plunge, Benelli #7....


mudhen - CA

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