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New M-LOK Compatible Benelli M4 Hand Guard from STRIKE INDUSTRIES!

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The amount of gases coming out of the ARGO system aren’t that significant. It is ammunition dependent. I ran some prototype handguards in the past that were heavily vented and didn’t have any real issues. You’ll notice how much powder residue inside your handguards is rather minor.

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I keep feeling like everyone misses the boat with M1014/M4 handguards because they try too hard.


What do we want?


Something that plops down in place of the OEM's and allows us to mount a light, ambi.


You know what I would do, were I King for a day?


I'd make a handguard that was identical to OEM in shape, and material, except the texture of the currently "ribbed" area (haha...) would be the same texture as the S&P M&P2.0 grip area, and the very end at 11 and 1 O-clock would have a metal-backed MLOK slot, and be "flared" so as to be able to mount a light with a 1.4" or smaller bezel without contacting the barrel. The MLOK slot would be accessed from the back, with the handguards removed from the shotgun, as an admin task. It would accept Magpul MLOK accessories found here:




People could bolt whatever light, and however they wanted that light, on-to said handguard. I would supply also custom fasteners/backers made of metal to interface with the metal insert of the back of the MLOK in a solid fashion, as a way to hard-mount Surefire and Streamlight Scout lights, and that dimension is what I would base the 1.4" or smaller bezel off of. At 1.4", the bezel of a Scout IB light would clear. Any other hardware (forward extensions, 1913 section, etc.) would create further stand-off for those who had other plans.


It would be so simple. So easy. So damn un-complicated to do this. To stop trying to make it look like a cheese-grater. To stop trying to figure out how to put a VFG on it. To stop all of this **** that noone asked for...and simply make OEM quality and interface handguards with a simple parallel flare at the muzzle end on either side, with an MLOK slot and embedded stainless plate.


But no. NOONE wants to do this. They all want set-screws, and "remove 2 bolts to take it apart for cleaning the SG" and all this other stuff.


I wish I had the time, capital, and machinery to do what I just said above. I'd create an entire empire out of 1 product. Then I'd adapt it to the 1301, M1, M2, etc.


Ever notice how a company that does only ONE THING, but does it flawlessly and in a "less is more" way, somehow always ends up as an empire? Geissele made a trigger. LaRue made a mount. So on.


I'm sorry for the rant, but it seems things keep getting more and more complex with these handguards, reaching their ultimate zenith with the B&T and the like.



Hmmm, that's exactly what I want.


Sorry to the OP, but I wouldn't want or use that product he posted, if I won it it for free.


I'm anti-cheese grater as well.

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Its rather easy to drill a few holes in a factory hand guard & mount a light.


It is possible, but I found it wasn’t so easy!





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This isn't the only product we are working on


If you guys could make this forend (https://www.manfred-alberts.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Benelli-M4.pdf)


But instead of the screwed in picatinny rails along the sides there were m-lok slots I would be so happy. No sets screws, splits in half during disassembly (see page 4 of the linked pdf) just like the current poly hand guards... I would be so happy.


Bonus points if you can keep an m-lok near the ejection port so I could mount a shotshell holder (like the matchsaverz)

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What's that Bondo repair looking situation on the hand guard ?




I cut the handguard to fit a Thorntail light mount in to the handguard. It took a lot of fitting on the handguard and thinning of the bracket. The epoxy covers two screws that hold the bracket to the inside of the handguard. I had to use a large plate for both screws to get as much support as possible for the mount. The handguard was then Cerakoted to cover the work area. I then bent the Thorntail bracket to align the light with the barrel.

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I don't like it, Strike



There are too many holes and you are not listening to the community or understanding the original design.. Thats why I chose Ava, Scalarworks, CarrierComp and endorse them 110%. It looks a gaudy mess. Keep it smooth, low-profile and modern. Try to keep the multiples of the receiver lines. You shouldn't need set screws, or all that rice. If we cry about the gas, keep it off my sissy hands! Shoot it up through the barrel guard in the one like Scout showed you with the bottom closerd off and shaped like the original. Start over. Scrap that as a prototype and implement features We like. This is not a Honda Civic (AR) or a helicopter, and Unobtanium is Not stupid. At all. Perhaps your computer and aluminum is all you have to work with, and a thick wall cage is the best/all you can do with that material, vs. thin wall polymers; while keeping the weight reasonable.


"Strike Industries is committed to ensuring top level products and customer service. We strive to continuously bring innovative solutions to the small arms business.


Our products are designed by active shooters for the active shooter in mind and we design and manufacture with these ideals in mind."


Think! Don't just make what you want.

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CIMG0539 copy.jpgA few years ago I was fabricating some rails to fit the hand guards and remember how difficult it is to fit / fasten the rail on the curved surfaces of the handrail, inside and out.

CIMG0536 copy.jpg

CIMG0538 copy.jpg

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Yep! Mine was before Ava came out with their awesome mount. No need to spend hours grinding and test fitting to make something that was of questionable strength. I surmised a solid hit to the light would knock out the handguard.


Using epoxy and blending everything together came out better than I expected cosmetically. I remember thinking it was an absolute coat hanger abortion before!

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