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AVA Tactical mount ..... I have a question, is this considered normal "fitment"?

I seem to have a gap around my barrel...all screws are tight and the clamp is bottomed out (fully closed)

do any of you have the same gap?





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Unob is correct, There should be a small gap around the barrel. The mount uses the barrel hanger's surfaces to secure itself to the frame, avoiding most if not all contact with the barrel.


The first gen mount was not discriminatory and just sandwiched both barrel and hanger. However, a design goal for the Mod 1, after feedback, was to reduce contact with the barrel.

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If you tightened the old Ava Tactical mount beyond the recommended torque spec, you cause a deformation in the barrel that is visible in the chrome lining. The barrels are very thin.


Allowing the barrel to move and flex unmolested is better too. During high speed video of the barrels, they flex significantly during the firing cycle. It can also prevent wear marks from the mount on the barrel.

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Barrel isn't made of aluminum foil, I dont see why it shouldn't be flush and without gaps...


Barrels generally don’t care to be restrained. Mess with barrel harmonics and accuracy generally suffers.


I don’t care for the gap between a pickup bed and the cab. If it were not there, the shert metal would become distorted, buckled and limit frame flex as designed. This mount is the same way. It is engineered to allow it to not place undue stressors upon the barrel.


If it bothers you that much, sell it and TRY to find a better mount.

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We were able to see arbitrations in barrel's chrome lining as a result of pressure on the OD of the barrel. While shotguns are generally not used for precision shooting, there were expressions of concerns over affecting POI, etc. This was the reason for the change. Note that you'd have uneven gaps at places on the barrel on the old mount as well. There are too many variances in the hanger area for the mount to fit each M4 precisely the same. While the barrel is going to have pretty tight specs, the hanger, it's connection and how it all fits together, overall dimensions vary greatly from unit to unit. Ask me how I know. :(


In any event, while the older design allowed for a lot more slop (engineering term) and was much easier to design, the Mod 1 secures to the barrel hanger very snugly and by sandwiching the boss that connects the hanger to the barrel and leveraging the fulcrums where the mount closes above the barrel and below the hanger, it won't move or rotate. It isn't going anywhere, and with that problem out of the way there was no advantage left to actually touching the barrel, only downsides.

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Thanks. Due to envisioned end project, I'm likely to change my SBS to a 10" barrel so it finishes at the end of magazine tube. I really like your mount and the light, but with 10" it will finish proud to the barrel with your mount. Maybe I just need another light...

SBS is in the gallery....





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