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A&S Safety Video!

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A&S has put out a video on there Facebook page about a potential safety concern using and installing aftermarket 922r trigger parts.



The issue I have is I haven't installed any aftermarket trigger parts except the A&S trigger guard itself and I can duplicate what is shown in the video.


Id like to know if you can also duplicate whats happening in the video. With after market parts or without!

For the name of Safety please chime in! :confused:


Thank you! My gun really doesn't suffer from this, but I was just making sure yours is safe.

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I saw that video in an email they sent to me. The only AM part that I have in my A&S trigger housing is a Geissele hammer, and when doing the function check as they show, mine does not have this issue.


The hammer is firmly captured by the sear every time.

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I had this issue with one FFT disconnector, but not another. I just swapped the disconnectors and the problem was resolved. Filing the trigger as shown in the video lightly will allow some additional pivoting of the disconnector to close the gap and effectively engage the disconnector on the hammer hook.


This is is a really important area to make sure it is safely engaging. You really don’t want the hammer slipping off. You’ll end up with hammer down situations or even end up with doubling or accidental discharge.

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After installation of the FFT 922r parts, I sent the entire trigger assembly to A&S to have them migrate everything to their product. I received an e-mail to contact Dave who asked for confirmation to adjust "minutely" the material on one component to address this issue. Received the entire order in a couple days with no issues so far. Maybe my lateness to the party has addressed this???

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Hi All,


I'm new to the forums, but not to Benelli shotguns. I grew up with a M1S90 and have several these days. I'm working on a M4 and was planning to purchase one of the A&S trigger guards, but have come across the threads here discussing some safety concerns. I'm a bit unclear as to whether or not these have actually been addressed by A&S. Topleft, was there any additional charge for you to send in your trigger components for them to assemble? Thanks in advance for your help!



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