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Another M4

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I pulled the trigger on the M4 Tactical Entry with the 14" barrel because...I can. :)


Now the long wait begins....I hope by next May or June? Maybe? I might be able to start using it.


Have NFA wait times become any better?


Anyone else have an M4 Tactical Entry?

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I (will) have two. One I "made" by doing the NFA form 1 and buying a 14" barrel and a factory one that's in the process of getting the transfer stamp. I went for the entry models as I'm often in brush (Alaska) for field work and that extra 4.5" of barrel length does make a difference. Don't get me started on hand guns for bear defense (44 mag or hard cast 10mm at a MINIMUM). I carry bear spray as a first line, then my benelli for if that fails. I'd rather not dispatch a bear or moose if I don't have to.... If I'm not hunting one that is.

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