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Benelli SBE2 problem


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Hello, I have been having a problem with my Super Black Eagle 2. The problem is that while I am hunting I pull the trigger and a shell gets put onto the  carrier, but the shell in the chamber hasn't gone off which leaves me not being able to shoot and just clicks. Any help on what the problem might be would be appreciated. 

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On the round that was chambered, any sign of a light firing pin strike on the primer?


Does this problem occur every time or just sometimes?

How many rounds have been fired through this firearm?

Has the receiver extension ever been disassembled and flushed of debris?

Are these failures temperature related? Ie, more prone in cold weather?

Has the trigger pack been modified at all?

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Ahh, the dreaded "benelli click" rears its ugly head for the bazillionth time.  Google "benelli click" and you'll find a plethora of causes/remedies/solutions/frustrations/foul language. ?

The issue:  locking head not rotating completely into battery when the bolt goes forward.

Plethora of suspected causes noted on the interwebz:  weak recoil spring, dirty firearm, too much lubrication, not enough lubrication, low-power loads, not holding gun firmly enough, riding the bolt forward when loading, gun not broken in, worn or out-of-spec parts, and on, and on, and on.

Benelli has always said it wasn't a gun problem.  Their line has always been that the problem was shooter-induced by riding the bolt forward when initially loading the chamber, thus not allowing the full force of the recoil spring to send the bolt forward and fully rotate the locking head into battery.  While that can be the cause in some cases, it isn't in all, and, they re-designed the bolt in the newer SBE-3 by adding what they call the "Easy Locking System" that has potentially fixed the problem.  I can personally attest to numerous times the "click" has occurred on several of my M1's/M2's/SBE over the years on second or third shots when the gun cycled properly up to that point.  The first or second round will fire but a subsequent round will not.  I even lost a police olympics shotgun match because of it.  I've even solved the issue on some of those guns in different ways.  I've replaced the stock recoil spring/tube assembly with the SureCycle assembly in a couple of guns.  On two others, I switched the locking heads between the guns.  That solved the problem I was having in one gun and the other gun continued to operate without incident.  On another gun I replaced the older blued locking head with a chrome-plated one.  Problem solved in that gun.  Who knows what the basic underlying problem really is?  I suspect that it's the tolerances between the locking head and the barrel extension where the lugs rotate into place but I'm just guessing like everyone else.  Unfortunately, the redesigned bolts aren't backwards compatible with older guns.

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