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Benelli 828u Trigger Mechanism Stuck

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Brand new over-under, after the first time taking it out to a skeet club we attempted disassembly to clean it. To remove the trigger mechanism we used the provided to tool to press and release the trigger guard however we may not have had the strikers in the cocked position. Now the back end of the trigger mechanism is stuck halfway out.¬†Stupid mistake on our part, but was hoping that there was someone out there who ran into the same issue. Any advice helps, only had the thing 4 whole days ūüėÖ

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Never attempt to remove the trigger assembly with the top lever open. This will cause a serious jam. If it was not open and just the strikers were out, remove the floating breech per the instructions in the manual , the get the trigger assembly back in place as best as possible and go through the front with a punch or something and push the strikers back in place. Always push the top lever release button on the front of the receiver (near the top lever) before removing the trigger assembly.

As always, don't force it or break it. You're not the first to do this. Send it to us if you can't get it and we'll get it out and back in properly.

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In reference to my post above, when looking at the disassembly video on the website, there is no warning about the open or closed position of the lever. It does say this in the manual, however. That said, this mechanism is firmly jammed just a few milimeters off its seating. Can't push it back in and can't pull it out. Tried light oiling and such, but no effect.

Thanks for your insights!


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On 11/4/2019 at 11:25 AM, Greylag said:

My 828U cocks the lower barrel everytime I open the gun no matter if the shell is fired or not 

Anybody know how I could adjust the ejector only to cock when fired?     

If the trigger assy is stuck out somewhat it is because the gun was not cocked.. remove the breech blopck and use a thin Robertson screwdriver to recock the firing mechanisms.. this will allow you to push the trigger assy back into place ., when removing the trigger assy . cock the gun and them apply the safety ..this will prevent accidental pulling of the trigger when removing the assy .

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