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M4 Owners - How did you end up discovering and buying the M4?

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10 hours ago, Retired said:

I am an unrepentant geardo, I mod every weapon I get just to play around.  Eventually I come up with a setup I like and stick with it.

I feel you! ...and Im reminded of this every-time I look into my attachments here LOL! 

(even if some are just for fun) 🤣


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  • 2 weeks later...

Never did end up buying one...passed on a few used ones at $1200 i should have bought.....never could really justify the expense with several HK super 90's tacticals within reach...if i ever come across a basically new-used one for a decent price i might just buy....had a friend in 94 who came home with a M3...never looked backed....

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  • 5 weeks later...

Joe Biden talked me into it.

But seriously I move a ton and wanted a 50 state legal firearm so a shotgun seemed like a good fit.

Started looking into pump shotguns but didn’t like anything I saw, then came across a good deal on an m4 and ran with it.


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This M4 H20 is my first 12 gauge shotgun, my other is a Franchi 20 gauge over/under imported by Benelli USA (bird gun) which I use for sporting clay fun.

When I started looking into tactical shotguns, semi-auto, it didn't take much time to figure out this was a top quality option. In my opinion the M4 rules the roost in this category, and I believe I'll have confidence it will simply work (after being broken in).  So I found one on Gunbroker, and bought it. I actually bought it twice on Cabelas, but they cancelled my order twice after running out of stock.

Standard stock model (no pistol grip), and It'll arrive later this week.

Now I need a place to shoot it, all the local ranges are closed.

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This a great thread.

Back in the early 90s, a friend of mine had a M1 and I was soooo jealous every time we got together. In 09, I bought a Winchester Super X3 for shooting clays. A few years back I picked up a Nova for HD and since then I have fantasized about getting a M4. Finally made the plunge early last month. Discovered this forum and now I am absolutely hooked! 

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First came across Benelli when I got involved in IPSC.  Started looking for a shotgun so I could play in the 3-gun matches.  One of the guys I shot with was a FFL and suggested this new gun, a HK Super 90.  Said sure, since everyone else was Remington 1100's and 1170's.  Got supposedly one of the very first in the country.  Broke it in with what HK suggested and man did that thing run!  Paid all of $400 for it (IIRC).  Fast forward a few years (OK, decades).  And I'm winding down my working career with a job in a gun shop.  Saw a Benelli M4 14" Entry sitting new on the rack.  Eyeballed it for the past 2 years and finally figuratively "pulled the trigger".  Waiting on the NFA to do it's "thing" that it does "so well"....

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