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Best Target Gun

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Originally posted by ImaPackerBacker:

To you Benelli owners out there - what, in your opinion, is the best Clay Target shooting gun on the market? (only interested in O/U models)

It’s kind of strange to refer this question to “Benelli people” as you call us, since Benelli do not manufacture o/u shotguns, but if you are really interested, I would say to look into Browning Citori family shotguns. Fine craftsmanship, good fit.


[ 02-21-2006, 02:00 AM: Message edited by: garren ]

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Not a problem you decided to post. However, there have been a lot of one-hit-wonders in the past week who have been "reading for a long time" and decide to jump into the middle of a thread and take a swing. So many so that it warranted comment. However, since you come here everyday, I'm sure you've noticed this trend.

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Originally posted by iahonkerhunter:

Why is that strange? This is a benelli forum, probably most people here are benelli owners. Just becasue benelli didnt manufacture O/U shotguns dosent mean he cant direct a question to people here.

Because I sensed irony in the way you addressed the forum. Because I didn’t think you expected an answer to your question just from some Benelli gun owner. You need help from experienced hunter/shooter who owns more than just a Benelli, and here you can find a lot of them. Just don’t address them as “you Benelli owners”. To me it sounded like a tricky, challenging question even if it wasn't intended to be such.
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I shoot a stoeger condor o/u. I got ripped on about it, but I also got the last laugh when I walked away with the high shooter trophy in Trap shooting last summer. It all depends on how a gun fits you.


Also, I'm not sure what's going to be worse, watching BrokeBack Mountain or watching a Packer game this year.

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Kreighoff used to make great shotguns if you would prefer German craftsmanship over the Italian Perazzi. Both top of the food chain clay bird guns. As one guy said though ... an excellent fitting Remington 1100 will out shoot a poor fitting Kreighoff or Perazzi.


[ 02-21-2006, 05:18 PM: Message edited by: Butch-M ]

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