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FS: Meprolight Tritium Sights for M4

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Installed the set, took a single range trip to try them out, just not my cup of tea. I’ll include a Craftsman 5.5mm wrench for the front sight nut (rear sight requires only a flathead screwdriver).

$57 shipped, save yourself 40 bucks if you’ve been looking for an interim option between stock sights and an optic. 




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Hey Mil. 

I looked all over the packaging, included literature and sights themselves and can’t find any date of manufacture. If you or anyone else knows where I should be looking I’ll give it another try. 

The warranty card says the sights are warranted for 12 years from sale date and the tritium is warranted for 5 years from sale date. 

Best I might be able to do is provide the sale date: 9/28/2019

I’m happy to provide a printed copy of the invoice to the buyer in the event of a warrantee need. 

Appreciate the question, something any prospective buyer should be interested in. 



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Any takers at $50 TYD?

Tired of looking at these taking space on my desk, will drop the price ‘til they go, even if I have to pay someone to take ‘em...

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I haven't been here in a few years just getting back in to it, funny I just removed mine and installed originals found the stock ones are actually brighter and larger threw the Meprolights in the garbage LOL.

After seeing this dumb on my part.

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