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SBE II Right Handed gun but I shoot left handed

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I'm looking for some information.  I have a SBE II that's right handed but I shoot left handed.  The gun's center pattern is about 14" up and 14" to the right of center.  What would the experts on here say that I should do? Is this a Shim problem?

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If you can increase the drop and add left cast by changing shims that will help bring the POI down and to the left. The butt of the stock is like a rear sight, you move the butt (or rear sight) the direction you want the POI to move.

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I'm left handed shooting a right handed gun also. I fitted the gun to me so that when I bring the gun up and shoulder it the beads line up perfectly. 
Does you gun should naturally? Or do you need to tweak it to get the beads to line up?

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