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Hello everyone, new to the forum here.

Over the last couple of years I have began to be plagued by cycling issues regarding my SBE2, in specifics 2 3/4 inch shells. 
Now I would like to start by saying this is a gun that I have owned for going on 11 years and have put close to 20,000 rounds through it during that time. I noticed the problem dove hunting a couple years ago when it wouldn’t fully cycle Remington Gun clubs. Since then it absolutely will not cycle any target load, and will not cycle most 2 3/4 magnum rounds. It will either stove pipe the empty hull or eject it but the next round will get caught under the bolt carrier (bolt won’t cycle all the way back). This problem has lead me to purchasing another shotgun.

Now that that is addressed I would like to add this. I have tried several different kinds of cleaners including CLP, Lucas gun oil, frog lube, hoppes, and clenzoil. I’ve tried powdered graphite along the slide rail, I’ve tried well oiled, light oiled, and bone dry. I’ve cleaned every nook and cranny in this gun you can imagine. I have also replaced the recoil spring with a Wolff XP and have tried a RP spring, as well as a factory replacement. I’ve replaced magazine caps followers, inertia springs, and locking pin retainer. (I’m sure I’m leaving something out).

I love the gun, I shoot it very well but I can’t trust the reliability issues. Any advice or comments would be appreciated as I would love to get the gun back shooting again so I don’t have to keep shooting a dang beretta 

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This sound odd. The only time I get this type of issue is with light loads and weak shouldering of the gun. But you said it does it with magnum loads also?

You might want to contact Benelli's techs and see if they have any ideas? Possibly send it into be fixed. These guns are lifetime guns, I hope you sort it out. 

Good Luck!

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