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Benelli M4 - Aftermarket Buffer System

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I’m still waiting on mine. Slowest. Shipping. Ever. Might as well be Optics Planet or Brownells free shipping which goes 8th class Pony Express. 

9th class Turtle Express?

Still waiting. Sent a Karen email over the weekend asking where it was. They replied they’d look into it. It’s been over a month now. I might report them to gunbroker if it doesn’t turn up soon. 

Oh and the seller on gunbroker was a F’ing nightmare. I think he was based in Israel. For some reason he sent two invoices that equaled the final billing. Whatever, I paid it. Two months later I cancelled payment since they hadn’t shown up and the seller wasn’t responding. A few weeks later it arrived. So I told PayPal to go ahead and pay him again. After that he kept sending messages and trying to involve gunbroker stating I didn’t pay. I had to send them copies of the statements for both payment amounts showing that they went thru to him. Gunbroker finally got tired of him and told him to go pound sand and to check his records better. It ended up being like 4 months or emails. 

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