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Any owners of R1 Pro can share their experiences on accuracy with 30-06? There are quite a few posts all over internet about accuracy issues with the R1 that I am worried about getting one. Not sure if R1 Pro is built any different than the regular R1. Currently have a Browning BAR, but it just does not feel right and I can only get 2" groups out of it.

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I have a 15 year old R1 in .30-06 with wood stock, blued barrel. It has the 20” barrel and is extremely accurate. I also have it in .300 win mag and .338. The .30’s are old and have the crio treated barrels which never change poi even when extremely hot. The .338 is newer with the black barrel and not as accurate. Something changed since the original barrels were made. My point is that the R1 pro looks a lot like the original and I would buy it if I were looking for another .30-06. Given how much Italians like the .30-06, I would bet the entire platform was Originally based on that cartridge. I also have a BAR shortrac in .308 which is very accurate. Both the R1 and the Browning are finicky about ammo, but can be extremely accurate once the right load is had. They both favor heavy bullets for me, seem to dislike the copper stuff. Unfortunately, my socialist State requires me to hunt with copper. Didn’t directly answer your question, but those are my observations shooting the R1’s a lot in the last 15 years.

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