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1 hour ago, IYAAYAS said:

I paid for mine the 25th, got an email with no tracking number saying it shipped on the 1st, but I still haven't gotten anything. I'm going to send an email to find out what's going on. Seems other people with that time frame already have theirs :(

I purchased mine on the 15th of May and just received it in the mail last weekend. I did have to ask for the tracking number, so you might want to reach out. Aviation Ordinance huh? I thought I would escape all the IYAAYAS business lol.

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I did just to confirm the listed timeframe and that's when the owner told me how long the real wait was.

I managed to find a NIB OEM tube, so I have that and springs/follower from CC on the way. Along with the sling, it feels good to be done building this. Stranger, I'm taking your advice and NOT adding

Mikey D - I have the speed bar from Dave's Metal Works.  I actually bought it from Redneck Tactical which still cracks me up today.  It's a "precision" bent piece of metal that is redneck genius.

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my tube should be here any day. raining yesterday,so desided to go ahead and clean m4 and remove tube.. came loose after about 4-5 min, of heat ..cleaned everything and put back together  with no locktite. I found NO signs of wear on anything after about 200 rounds of shooting only slugs. amazing how clean the dual piston design stays.

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