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Wear on Ejection Port

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Hey all,

I recently purchase my M4, did a few upgrades, and brought it to the range. I only fired off maybe 30 rounds. The experience was outstanding to say the least. Anyways, I was doing some disassembly on my gun recently and noticed some wear patterns that gave me some concern, especially since I have only put maybe 30 rounds down the pipe.  My question is, is this normal or should I be concerned? I'm guessing that some ejecting shells are causing this to occur.  Any commentary would be greatly appreciated!





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34 minutes ago, StrangerDanger said:

They all do this. Eventually the edge will be rounded over. It’s cause by the brass part of the shell making contact during the ejection cycle. If it bugs you, buy some Alumablack and rub it on the bare aluminum. Apply more as the marks bother you. 


Thanks as always. Lol, I'm a little paranoid with my little, expensive investment piece! I want it to last. BTW those instructions on the trigger group assembly were on point! The process was a little bit of a PIA, but not too much so. I managed to only launch the hammer spring/cap once across my workspace😃!

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I just noticed this on my Montefeltro while conducting dis/ass/lube. I hit the Google machine and found this post. I have only fired around 400 rounds ,So this amount of wear is concerning. I’ve never noticed this on any other Benelli but honestly I haven’t looked closely. I’m surprised this is normal might shoot an email to Benelli with these pics. 



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8 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

Every Benelli I have ever used has that wear pattern on the ejection port. If it bugs you, rubbing some Alumablack on the bare aluminum will blacken it until you fire it again. 

Thanks for the info

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10 hours ago, ClackClackBAM said:

Mine is doing it too, but tbh I kinda like it. A little character makes the gun more of my own, ya know?

I would agree with you that dents and rings add character I’ve just never seen this before. 

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