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Loading Port Modification Needed?

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So my M4 build is nearly complete...and I have been tooling around with trying to practice double-loading dummy rounds, but it doesn't seem to really work.  It would appear that the factory cut loading port doesn't allow for me to guide two piggy-backed shells in at the same time.  The only thing that I can think of is that the factory cut doesn't allow for this. Is this true or am I being dumb? Do I need a loading port modification done to open up the port for double-loading/quad-loading?

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Getting the loading port modified will definitely help, but can be done without. It will just require a lot more practice. I do it a lot without modifying. Will do it eventually....... when I can find the time. :D 

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Agreed. It’s mostly skill based. A good lodging job will allow you to load a little faster without beating up your hands, but it won’t make you a master without practice. You need the technique down. 

Personally I don’t try to load doubles. I palm three shells at a time from my California Competition speed loader, then push each one in. 

Youtube has a bunch of good videos from competition shooters showing their loading techniques. 

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