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Best video to remove/replace fixed to collapsible stock

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This video will show you how to remove the trigger group. (professional)

This video will show you how to remove the trigger group, stock, and magazine tube, as well as the reinstallation of all three.. I'd recommend being a little bit more gentle though, as this guy is manhandling that gun. (amature)

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3 minutes ago, Vertigofirearms said:

to pin it for California.

hold the stock in a vise, remove the cheek shroud, drive it out with either a 4 or 5mm punch.

Yeah, Cali pinning. I removed the cheek shroud, but couldn't figure out next. I was knocking out various pins, but you're saying just go at the button itself?

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Correction. you need a 4mm punch; 5mm won't work. I have a 3mm pin punch to start the coil pin out.



Also another tip, you aren't suppose roll pin punches on most of the coil pins. They aren't designed for coil pins. The center hole is always slightly offset on coil pins. Roll pins have a much more centered hole.

image.jpeg.6460c2f1ff4589a6cd14f8729e6c4a3e.jpegRoll pin sizing question. - The Garage Journal Board420 Stainless Steel Spring Pin, Plain Finish, 1/4" Nominal Diameter, 1"  Length (Pack of 50): Amazon.com: Industrial & Scientific

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California sadness. $50 each from a machinist (Arrow Machining in Anaheim for fellow freedom fighters) so not too bad. They had to go buy a specialized tap because the button is heat treated and a bitch.


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