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Recoil Link scratches

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Hello, I'm a new M4 owner and I've been to the range twice and shot a few slugs, buckshot rounds and target and low-recoil home defense rounds.  The target rounds and low-recoil rounds didn't cycle reliably, so I'm planning to continue with the higher power stuff for now.   


While cleaning the bolt assembly, I noticed scratches on both sides of the link where the link moves in the bolt assembly and noticed the link has a little side to side play which causes rubbing on the sides of the bolt assembly.  Just wanted to check if this is typical/expected wear after a couple of light shooting sessions? 







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Yup, completely normal. Just apply some lube to it when cleaning then you'll be fine.

As for the low recoil stuff, you need to break the gun in with full power loads first. The M4 is designed to eat all kinds of rounds except for the stubby shells, so just put about 75-100 high brass loads through it then you'll be all set for the low power 2 3/4 shells.

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