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M4 stock alignment

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That's definitely off. The stock has some wiggle in it so it'll rock back and forth a couple of degrees, but not that much. I use the point of the cheek riser to center the stock with the rear sight aperture.

To fix it, you're going to have to remove the receiver extension and time it correctly. This isn't an easy job. Benelli may be willing to fix it for you, but you'll likely be looking at 6 weeks without the shotgun.

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Maybe I shouldn't be dumping 3" rounds out of it lol, I might be putting a lot of pressure on it and once or twice the stock had twisted right after a full mag dump (it's possible I'm putting pressure on the button with my chin/cheek though).

If it's too tight and actually hasn't moved I think I'll be ok, I'll have to keep an eye on it over time.

Also, are the threads lefty loosey when aiming down the sights? I just don't want to be potentially loosening it under fire.

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You need to determine if the stock's adjustment button allowed the stock to twist on you when firing. I'd want to inspect the stock to see if any of the pins that lock the stock in place are damaged. This damage could also be on the button itself.

If the receiver extension is moving around under recoil, it's dangerous and should be addressed. It's just a matter of time before it twists during recoil and you get socked in the eye by the rear sight assembly. I'd highly recommend fixing it yourself, having Benelli address it or sending it to me. I would not let a general gunsmith try to fix it.

I'd remove the stock and pistol grip and get a good look at the jam nut that retains the receiver extension to the receiver. See if there are any signs of movement. If you're handy and not afraid of a MAPP torch and buying a few specialty tools that you likely don't have, I could walk you thru the repairs. I can give you my cell number to text or call if you want to go that route.

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Appreciate the help SD. I think there's warranty work available here in Canada through Stoeger so I might be able to figure something out through them. 
I'm going trap shooting this weekend so I'm gonna mark down the alignment with tape and see if it moves at all. Afterwards I'll probably just send it out for peace of mind.

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