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cleaning SBE II

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What recommendations do any of you have to clean and lub a SBE II with max4 camo finish? I have read some barrel cleaners will take the finish right off. Normally I use Hoppes 9 with Remminton gun oil.

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Clean all camo'd parts with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

Clean and lube internals and non-camo'd parts with Breakfree CLP or Hoppes Elite.


Throw Rem-oil in the trash or give it to someone you don't like.

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(Test Data on File)


*Meets or exceeds MIL-L-63460 specifications.


*Operating temperature range: -53.9 C (-65 F) to

+246 C (+475 F).


*Firing residue removal: 98%.


*Noncorrosive -- pH neutral.


*Nonconductor -- dielectric constant 2.18.


*Pour Point: Below -59.4 C (-75 F) (ASTM D97).


*Flash Point T.C.C. (Tagliabue Close Cup).


Before Application: above 65.5 C (150 F).


After Application: above 210 C (410 F).


*Liquid does not support combustion. (ASTM--D1266

lamp method combustion).


*Specific gravity: Approximately 1.0 gm/ml.


*Weight: Approximately 1.0 kg/liter (8.3 lbs/gal).


*Salt spray resistance: (5%) 100 hours plus.


*Humidity cabinet test: 900 hours plus (Fed. Std.



*Falex wear life: 20 minutes minimum at 250 lbs.


*Falex Load carrying capacity: 750 lbs (minimum).



*Wear preventive characteristics (four ball wear

scar): .8mm (ASTM-D2266)


*Viscosity @ -53.9 C (-65 F): Approximately 3700


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