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Thoughts on using the stock sling holes on m4 collapsible stock?

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Hello all,

I am trying to figure out how I’m going to set up a sling for the m4 collapsible stock. I see a lot of people using qd technology to attach their sling to the stock but not many people are using the sling holes that already come with it. I was wondering if I was missing some obvious downside of attaching the sling to that hole instead of using the quick disconnectors?

Thank you

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I use the standard sling loops on my C-stock too. On the front you might want to rotate the front mount, and you might also want to trim the sling to size after fitting it. I have some extra length that I just tuck underneath the cheek piece lol. Not the most elegant solution but it works. QD isn't necessary but would be nice to have if you ever want it out of the way and back on easily. 

I would like to do a qd mount sooner or later but I believe it takes a bit of modifying to the stock loops? Hopefully someone with actual experience can fill you in on that.

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Does the sling get in the way of shooting it at all? I’d imagine it’s pretty close to the face. The fixed pistol grip stock’s sling loop worked perfectly with a narrower sling and I’m hoping it would have the same feel using the standard sling loop on the collapsible stock. 

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Im right handed, I have it mounted on the right side, so when I shoulder it the sling goes around me. If I dont "wear" the sling, my cheek just sits on top and its not really noticeable at all, at least my Magpul MS1 is thin enough. The only thing is if you are hip firing for whatever reason, the left side can kind of dig in to your hip, but I consider that a non issue really.

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