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M4 Dual use with 14inch 18inch barrel swap

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Good day to everybody,

I am from Germany and plan to finally buy my M4 in just days.

I would like to use it for hunting purposes AND sports so I tended to buy a short one, which can be used only for hunting here and must not be used for sports.

I want the short one because it shall get a suppressor on and be used for short distance hog hunting only (with leadless slugs) and with the short barrel it will be much easier to handle. (Despite looking great in that length)

For sports the short barrel is not allowed unfortunately.

So my idea was to just buy the short one AND additionally a long barrel.

Unfortunately I did not find a retailer now that is able to tell me how easy or tricky this project would be AND what I need as additional parts (long mag e.g.)

No my questions to all you M4 pros out there:

Is that project worth trying, so is it possible at all?

If yes, is it feasible to be done frequently (so let’s swapping barrels say twice to three times a month)

If yes what else is needed to have all needed parts together?

OFF Topic:

Any silencer specialist knowing a 12 gauge silencer taking leadless slugs as well?

Thanks for focusing on the questions and thanks for your kind support!

K-LEG (which is spelled Kei:-LEEG)


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