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New M4.. is this normal?

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I would contact the manufacturer and request a replacement.  This may or may not effect the functioning of the ARGO system but why take a chance.  There may be a burr internally that caused the loss of a chunk of the o-ring.  Either way this is not normal.  I am just getting ready to disassemble and clean my brand new M4H20 and will be inspecting my o-rings.  Thanks for the post.  Let us know what BENELLI has to say.  Stay Safe.

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If that was an a/c line o ring it would not hold pressure. if it was a cvt  pressure o-ring it would cause a major line pressure drop with shifting concerns.so no,   it is a problem. they might have cut it when benelli assembled the gun. or like mjsteino753 said could be a burr.or just a bad o-ring from the get go.

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