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Benelli B-76 Recoil Spring Replacement

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From the schematic, there's a retaining clip on the end holding everything together.  I assume there's a groove in the end of the guide rod that the clip locks into.  Look at it closely since the schematic doesn't really show what kind of clip it is.  It might be a type of "C" clip that just pushes off, or it might be some sort of snap-ring that requires a special tool.  Put the tail-end of the guide rod assembly down on a table and pull the spring downwards away from the retaining clip.  That might give you a better look at what you're dealing with.  

Ian at Forgotten Weapons did a field strip on one of those a while back but didn't get into the guide rod assembly.  Send him an email.  He can almost certainly advise on disassembly of that part.

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