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Frangible Ammo (Buckshot)

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There's some frangible buckshot ammo available near me that I'm thinking of buying, mostly for the novelty of it, but also depending on the effectiveness for lock/hinge-busting and door breaching. 

I was thinking frangible slugs would be the most effective but those are sold out, and a quick search shows its the only frangible 12ga ammo near me along with the buckshot. Does anyone have experience with these kinds of ammo? I'd be willing to get one or two boxes of the buck if they are actually effective in breaching-style scenarios.


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Yes, it will work.  Just about anything coming out of a 12 gauge at door-bustin' distances will work on bustin' doors.  Frangible is preferable.  Raiding some crack houses are we?

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These are powdered tungsten held together with a binder.  I've done some experimentation in the past and 12# rat shot works pretty well too if you reload.  I've made some 12ga snake loads but never tried them in an automatic.

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