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Poor quality etching on receiver?

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Finally brought my Benelli M4 home from layaway and it's beautiful!  I quickly installed the collapsible stock that I purchased long ago and a +2 adapter, as well as an extended charging handle.  My only issue is with the import/Benelli etchings/engravings that are on the opposite side of the serial number on the receiver, right above the trigger.  They appear to have been VERY poorly done, like you can't even tell what the markings say unless you already know what they are supposed to show.  Just curious is anyone else's like this, or if you can post a pic of what the engravings are supposed to look like?   Maybe they are supposed to look like that, just find it odd they are almost non visible, almost like it wasn't engraved deep enough into the receiver...  Thanks in advance for the help!


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Just now, No. 6 said:

It's fugly!  Really substandard!  You should sell it.  Cheap.  To me so I can dispose of it for you.

I know right!  I'll sell it to you for $3000, and that's below cost!  I can ship soon!

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Sold!  I'll send you either a check (whatever the heck that is) or your favorite board game based on money and property monetary units (aka Monopoly Money).  Let me know....  ☺️

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