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Do you feel lucky, punk?

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well, feel free to post anything "lucky" that's happended to you whilst you were hunting



My story:


Back in Nov. of '02, I was hunting with my uncle at his farm..having yet another slow day (he says its only when I'M around the birds wont move....not sure if i should feel proud, or bow my head in shame..) and out of nowhere, a flight of shovelers come into our spread, and landed about 45 yards off, my uncle, being the kind soul he is, had already managed to shoot the 2 other birds we'd seen in over 2 hours (pair of mallard drakes) so he let me take a shot- well, i thought to myslef "well, hopefully ill manage to get one", closed my eyes, and shot- a second later, i opened my eyes, only to hear my unlce saying all kinds of 4 an 5 letter words, and then i looked where the ducks were- all i saw were the decoys.."how the **** did i screw that up?!?!" i thought to myself...and my uncles walks over there, all the while i was wondering why...and he came back with 3 shovelers..and a wounded one that flew off (we found the next day)..so I managed to kill 4 ducks, with ONE 2 3/4 shell....luckiest shot for me ever.


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Well, i never have any luck when i go hunting, but i got to go fishing in the river today for some good red breast. We cought a good mess of them, and then me and my buddy caught a redhorse sucker.

For everyone who doesn't know what that is, it is an endangered species that lives only on the stretch of river where i'm from, it was a very cool thing, b/c other that in magazines it's the only one i've ever seen. Not too many left.

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The luckiest I have ever seen was when I took a first timer duck hunting. My buddy wasn't doing so good the first day, but he was catching on. The second day a group of six mallards dropped into the spread, my friend opened up and dropped four. That's not too incredible, but three were banded, pretty lucky.

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My luckiest duck hunt I shot two Mallards with one shot. I was so stunned I didn't take another shot. I probably could have gotten at least one more.

A friend took a local District Attorney hunting, guy had never duck hunted. He shot a Canvas back first and then a banded mallard.

I took a friend duck hunting, our first trip together. He had just gotten back from Ark. Got into the swamp late, barely got set up and he left with four mallards and I left with three and a black duck. Of course I fell in the freezing water twice.

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Luck doesn't follow me when taking first timers. 2 years ago I brought this guy out I worked with in the afternoon .He just bought a winchester pump and every bird come buy he would fire ounce and not pump. I was laughing so hard just imagine. As we where leaving I shot a hen mal and walked into the shallow water to only land in a beaver trench and filling my wadders . So if you want a laugh lets go hunting..

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