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For Sale Mesa Tactical Urbino Stock Cheek Riser with 2 Recoil Pads ,European Union Sale Only Please


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Hi Guys up for sale one Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock with Cheek Riser and Standard recoil pad   and extra the limpsaver recoil pad
Shipping only to European Union

160 euros plus shipping DHL 35 euros delivery 3 days around European Union. Total 195 euros. 

The "Mesa Tactical Urbino Pistol Grip Stock Benelli M4 with riser and standard recoil pad" was purchased on 06/March/2023 (exist invoice as proof) .
It is the model with the extra riser and with the standard mesa tactical recoil pad ....
Back then was not exist available for sale the same model but with the Limpsaver recoil pad which is better than the standard mesa tactical recoil pad ... .
So i bought extra the limbsaver recoil pad (which is better than the standard mesa tactical recoil pad ).And i glued the limbsaver recoil pad at the buttstock plate ... so now you have better recoil absorbing ... Also in case you want to use again the mesa tactical recoil pad you can un-glue the Limpsaver recoil pad and to put back the Mesa Tactical Standard recoil pad .....But for me you keep as it is with the Limpsaver which is 1000 times better in absorbing the recoil.....than the mesa tactical standard recoil pad ....  
So the stock it is in excellent condition and its buttstock plate  has glued the limpsaver recoil pad.
The limpsaver company is supposed to be over States the best recoil pads in the industry. 

The Mesa Tactical company worked together with the limpsaver and they offer some of their stocks with extra the limpsaver recoil pad for better recoil absorbing ...
Now as concerning the stock ...!!!!!! 
It offers many advantages over the factory stock...... according to the Mesa Tactical:
Urbino® Pistol Grip Stock For Benelli M4 (12-GA)
Mesa Tactical offers a shortened length of pull stock, known as the “Urbino” stock, for Benelli M4 . The Urbino stock kit is very popular in law enforcement market due to the shorter length of pull, allowing the user to wear body armor or bulky clothing without extending their reach. 
The reduced length-of-pull (LoP) makes the Urbino the first truly tactical stock for the Benelli M4 . The Urbino Tactical stock is durable, easy to shoulder and will not slip. 
The Urbino Tactical stock, is a fixed-length pistol grip shotgun stock made from injection-molded glass-filled nylon. Developed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military operators, the rugged Urbino Tactical stock features a 12 1/2″ inch LoP, soft urethane rubber grip, optional Limbsaver® butt pad, optional adjustable cheek riser and a variety of flexible sling mounting options . 
All hardware included, no gunsmithing necessary to install.
Injection-molded in glass-filled nylon, the stock features a 12 ½” inch length of pull (LoP)
Shock-absorbing rubber grip sleeve reduces shooter fatigue
The standard buttpad contains a positive locking system that will hold the adjustments in place without slipping
Includes Benelli-style rear sling loops for 1 1/4 inch sling webbing
Includes a QD style sling swivel that fits in a hole in the lower rear of the stock  "


Sorry I can't upload pictures...please ask me to send you via message. 

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