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Thoughts on the M4 vs 1301 vs Gen12


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Garand Thumb compared the 1301 and M4 in his 1301 review. It's worth the watch. The M4 is softer recoiling and has a reliability track record. 1301 is lighter and faster cycling. You can't go wrong with either.


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I own both (getting into 1301 accessories soon…) and I can say that the 1301 weight has an obvious noticeable difference to the M4.  Picking up each gun, the 1301 feels like a feather in comparison.

however this comes at a cost, polymer and plastic components to lighten it up, compared to the all metal M4.

if I was in a bug out or combat situation where my gun might be banging up against rocks while in rough terrain, or walls and door frames, or falling down and the gun smacks on the ground, it would be hands down the M4.  I would never trust the 1301 to be able to survive severe abuse and hits unscathed with reports of the handguard locating boss’ breaking sometimes… where I honestly think the M4 could survive a lot of abuse and come out with nothing but knicks and still function 100% with all parts intact.

if you wanted a sport shooting shotgun 1301 is probably the better pick imo.

1301 cycles faster than the M4 (doesn’t matter imo)… 1301 is lighter.. 1301 is a great gun, the M4 is a great gun, it all depends on what you want in your firearm.. pros and cons.


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Hard to beat the M4 as it's been around for some time now and has more than proven its reliability and effectiveness in some very demanding environments, demanding clients as well. 1301 looks like a great shotgun though, don't own one but maybe someday.

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