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Benelli Warranty Registration - NOT working??!


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Just bought an M4 and spent a frustrating night last night trying to register the warranty.  Long story short, it simply would not work, no matter how many times I tried to register the shotgun.  So, I call Benelli this morning.  Spoke to Chris (i think that was his name), and he almost immediately stopped me and said that their website was not working correctly and it would not work to register the warranty.  

Per Benelli website:  

In order to be covered by the Benelli Warranties you must:

  • Register your firearm below within 30 days from purchase. The warranty will be validated by the serial number of your firearm. We recommend keeping a copy of your original proof of purchase so that the start date for your Benelli Warranties can be verified.
  • Be the original purchaser of the firearm. The Benelli Warranties do not cover any claims made by subsequent owners.
  • Purchase your firearm from an authorized Benelli dealer in the United States of America. Benelli dealers can be found at https://www.benelliusa.com/find-a-benelli-dealer.

He then went on to tell me that it was NOT necessary to actually register the warranty with them, but to take a pic of the original purchase receipt in case it was needed at a later date.  Does this sound right to you?  Hopefully I'll never need the warranty, but it's too expensive of a firearm not to have a usable warranty.  Please share your thoughts!  Thanks much...

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I "discovered" this issue when I attempted to contact Benelli over a brand new Ethos not functioning and missing a critical part. I had to fix the gun myself, acquire the missing part outside of Benelli and adjust/tune the gun myself. Why? Because Benelli doesn't want to communicate with you or me, they simply want to sell you product. I actually needed a warranty repair but after attempting to contact Benelli via the web and failing, I determined that a warranty repair would probably take months and months with no guarantee that they would actually fix the gun. Customer service is important to the customer, but not important to Benelli. Love the guns though... nothing much better than Benelli when it comes to auto shotguns, but the company is nothing but frustrating to deal with. I believe you'll be fine with regards to a warranty repair should your gun have a problem provided you have your receipt. It may take a while to actually get the gun serviced and back to you, but having the receipt/proof you are the original buyer is enough to get the service.

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