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Ordered up a Scalarworks Sync/01 w/RMR


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The other day.  Got today.  

I’ve had for literally 30 minutes. Had to rush right out to my little shop area and put it together. Easy peasy install - remove the top rail on the receiver of the Benelli M4. You install two screws with a little protrusion on them and then hook the mount on the protruding screws and slide it back to lock it in place. It’s a clever install - kind of a Tab A Slot B kind of thing.

Then you use two screws to mate the Sync mount to the receiver.

Scalarworks includes all the screws you need and even offer a crappy little torex bit driver. I took one look at the crappy little driver and my tools - which were right freakin’ there - and I still used their crappy little driver in a screwdriver. Stupid stupid stupid. The manual, which I actually read said to torque the screws to 7 in/lb - so not much. And, yeah, I got all sorts of torque wrenches. I figured 7 in/lb meant snug tight. I guess my idea of snug and the crappy little bits idea of snug is not the same thing. Busted the freakin’ bit right off in the screw. Figure I’ll probably pop out once I start unloading a bunch of 00 through it, but we’ll see.

I effectively borrowed somebody’s tool tonight and it was a piece of crap.

I’ll provide a report on this over the weekend.











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I bought the fix it sticks (sp?) torque “wrench” and it really does provide peace of mind when messing around with aluminum receivers.  Of course, in your example the bit was clearly subpar.  But, still!

And every Scalarworks product I’ve bought has been top notch.

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Although, upon reflection, and I’m just guessing, I suppose it’s possible they intentionally designed the bit to break away if the torque was exceeded - all to prevent from screwing up the aluminum receiver.  That would be cool.  But I’m betting it was just a crappy bit.  lol.  

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8 hours ago, StrangerDanger said:

First time I've seen one of those screws sheer off. I'd recommend contacting Scalarworks. I'm sure they'd at the very least replace the screw. Do you think you could notch the screw stump so that you can back it out with a flathead?

Looks like the Torx bit sheared off inside the screw recess.

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yeah, i could get it out with a tiny bit of effort.  I'm just gonna let it sit and see when it pops out courtesy of 00.  It wasn't the screw that sheered off, it was that crappy little torex bit they include in the box.  I'm not too worried about the screw coming up for a few reasons - first, it was pre-treated with a little dab of red loctite and second, apparently a gorilla torqued the hell out of it when installing it... lol. 

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never did like the "torx" head, just not enough bearing surface on the screw or wrench. Plus the fact that now you need a whole new type of drivers in your tool box to "strip" the exact same screws that a flat tip, Philips or Allen head can do already. But I digress... if you have a small prick punch with a good point, you may be able to tap it out gently (counter clockwise), with a small hammer. My 2¢, Alpha33 out...................................  

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