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Benelli M4 T-Pro/Gen 2 Light Mounting Solutions: IWC, Handguard Picatinny Section, Tape Switch


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Let me preface this with that price does not matter and I’m not willing to swap the multi-rail forend for something else.

I have a SureFire M640DFT Pro light. I have three mounting options:

  1. IWC Scout Pro Mount with the light mounted on the left side, using the tailcap to activate the light
  2. Light mounted on a picatinny section of the handguard on the left side, using the tailcap once again
  3. Light mounted at the muzzle with the wire running along the mag tube, maybe zip-tied, then a tape-switch attached to a picatinny section of the handguard. I haven’t seen this before.

Which do you recommend? I already have an IWC mount (I don’t have the pro adapter but I’ll find a way to get that, or if you have one let me know). Is mounting using the IWC mount better than directly on the handguard? Or does the handguard render the mount useless?

Thank you.

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I like to run my lights on scatter guns as close to the muzzle as possible and as high as reasonable for me to hit the switch… all with the least number of parts to make it work for simplicity’s sake. 

If you’re right handed I’d have the light on the left side of the gun. 

I like tape switches but on a shotgun I’m rarely using a “C” grip over the barrel, ymmv. 

I prefer a tailcap switch that I operate worth my left thumb. I know those SF pro’s rotate into position, I think you’d be happy with the factory mount on the side over the picatinny on top. 


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