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Complete Benelli M series


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2 hours ago, Sukhoi_fan said:

Very nice.

Where's the 121M1?

Is there a H&K S90 M1 in your family photo?

I haven't search for one yet but the one on the left (24") is a HK M1S90

Edit: I get sidetracked easy, I was saving to buy a Citori 725 instead bought a 1301 Pro Comp. I'm getting that Browning before Christmas.


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13 hours ago, REZARF2 said:

Can you list the models from left to right? I know a few but not all. 

I didn’t need to see this picture! Such a cool collection. 

Left to right:

H&K MS190

M2 Field

M2 Tactical


Last three are M4s

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On 3/4/2024 at 7:51 PM, REZARF2 said:

The real question is do YOU have a favorite? 

I’d be all over the bronze M4

I prefer field stocks so it's the black M4 cause I have a QD flushed mount on the stock. When I figure a way to do the same to the wood stock then it'll be a toss up between those two.

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