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What light would attach to this?


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I have the Midwest handguard and this is how I have a light mounted to it.

It is a Surefire M640DF using a Arisaka mount to move it forward. There is hardly any shadow with the light there. My caveat is I have not run the gun with it mounted there so IDK if that is too far forward.

Some medical issues and working on shortening a field stock for it have kept me from trying it out. 

That should give you an idea.



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I have the Midwest Industries handguard as well.  I mounted a Surefire Scout Pro to a T.Rex Arms light bar Pro mount.  Replaced the Surefire tail cap with a Unity Tactical Gascap and am using a Unity Tactical AXON SL usb switch on the opposite side to activate the light (need the m-lok mounting kit for switch as well).  Used 2 Magpul WCK to clean up the wiring underneath.  So far, it works great.20240419_140741.thumb.jpg.2f6f60da733d3104a7b1407ceefd2285.jpg20240419_140800.thumb.jpg.735cd011d166c91c9982a1f39df52e0e.jpg20240419_140817.thumb.jpg.e27a55df486e4ca4262d8bb9ecaed0c2.jpg20240419_140827.thumb.jpg.2d3819c3e825922d47c3f3e4ee907e97.jpg

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