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Magazine Tube for Early-Generation Benelli M1 S90

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Hi Everyone:


I have an early generation Benelli M1 Super 90 shotgun that contains the one-piece magazine tube that holds seven rounds. I would like to add an extension to this but, in order to do so, I would need to cut the mag tube at the beginning of the threads and then add an extension. I am hesitant to do this.


Instead, I would rather remove the existing seven-round tube, add a short tube and then add an extension to the short tube. I was told by a gunsmith that it is extremely difficult to remove my seven-round tube and add the short tube. Does anyone have any experience with this type of Benelli and/or the gunsmithing issue regarding this tube?

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Wallhanger54, thanks for your reply.


My Benelli was purchased in 1989. The serial number is an early M07XXXX number.


My mag tube uses fine threads. Let me know what this means.


Also, I compared the newer short mag tubes with my forearm and the newer mag tubes have a "lip" that would prevent me from using my existing forearm. Looks like I need to get a new forearm as well. Let me know whether I'm on the right track. Thanks.

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Back from the dead.


I have a very early model M1 and am running into this same problem. I really don't want to cut my factory tube. Mine has the fine threads into the receiver. Which tube am I going to need to purchase to be able to use an extension?

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