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Anyone use SnapCaps for their Semi?

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Originally posted by Paolo:

Would it be a good thing to use a snap cap? I don't like to dry fire.



Well, if you don't like to dry fire, then I suppose logic would dictate that you use snap caps :confused:


M1014, I like the A-zoom aluminum caps.

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An inexpensive alternative to snap caps is to pick up your spent shells after they've been fired. Same thing just not as pretty. Obviously make SURE the primer is dead. (per tucker its always a good idea to store firearms w/ a relaxed spring, potentially adding to the springs longevity.)

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I use A-Zoom snap caps to both release tension on the hammer spring and to provide adequate resistance during the final dry fire before storage. A major drawback to the aluminum A-Zoom caps is that the rim is easily damaged by the extractor through normal cycling. NECG and Pachmayr offer chrome plated snap caps which may endure cycling better than their aluminum counterparts.

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