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Springs ?

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I have a SBE-LH and like others I can't shoot any kind of light loads through the gun at this time without cycling problems. Some of my friends have SBEs with more years and loads through thier guns and are able to shoot the exact loads that I cannot. A gun smith tells me that with time my spring will soften up and allow lighter loads to cycle.


Does Benelli make lighter springs for the SBE or can springs be interchanged from the other models?

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Benelli does make a light loads kit for the Super Black Eagle for those made several years ago. All the current guns sold already come with the lighter spring. If you want to go light loads, Wolf makes a light load spring that you can install in your gun. They sell them at Brownells, I don't know the part number off the top of my head. Do a search and you will find it.



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Be careful with the springs. The gun was engineered to cycle the way it does with the springs it has. Benellis are not known to cycle light loads very well. The trade-off with weaker springs is disrupting how the gun was designed with several potential downsides. As is true with other semi-autos, the springs need to be changed as they weaken or the gun could malfunction - you tend to get problems with poor ejection (jams, stovepipes) or the action will not cycle entirely causing a mis-feed. In extreme cases, excessive wear may occur if the springs do not adequately absorb the action of the bolt slamming rearward. The recoil and ejection phases happen in milliseconds and if the springs are not up to the task, the gun may not function properly. See the Benelli website at http://www.benelliusa.com/innovations/inertia.tpl for a discussion of the inertial recoil system and note the timing in which the actions occur. If the springs are weak, it is easy to see how the timing can be disrupted, resulting in possible malfunctions. I would specifically ask Benelli if the lighter springs are OK and will not compromise wear of function. BTW, lots of stuff can be done to guns and often, the more you do, the less relaible they often become. Just watch the tricked up race guns and see how sensitive they are. Not what I would want to count on in a pinch... Stay safe. Good luck. Tacman


[ August 13, 2003, 09:07 PM: Message edited by: Tacman ]

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Thanks for the input guys!


Bill3508 I looked for the Wolf springs but, only found bulk spring containers for sale. Does Wolf make a specific inertia spring kit for the SBE? Help would be greatly appreciated seeing how dove season is fast approaching.


Anybody else know of an inertia spring kit that allows the SBE to shoot lighter loads?




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