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Stocks, and how they fit you

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I am planing on getting another benelli, this time I am going with a 3'' chamber. I had my eye on a montefeltro, until the other day I had the opportunity to handle one. When I mounted it the stock was waay to short, and it didn't point anything like my SBE, I thought I grabed an 11-87 there for a second but it was in fact a monte. I have looked up the specs on the SBE2,and Monte., the only difference in stock demitions, is the drop in heel and comb, can 3/8" make that much difference? I then grabed an SBE2, mounted it, and it fit me like a glove. :confused: :confused: it's only 3/8 of an inch. any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe the Monte feels so much different to you than a SBE II is because it is.

The Monte has a flat rib and you are used to the step rib of the SBE II. The Monte also has a shorter receiver and a longer forend than the SBE II.

I believe it also has a slightly different radius in the pistol grip area.


3/8" can make a big difference. Many trap shooters change this dimension by 1/8" increments to get a gun to fit them. Some of them also seem to think they can buy talent. :D

Have you looked into an M2? They are closer feeling to the SBE II.

Hope this helps give you a little more insight. smile.gif

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I just noticed in your original post you said SBE.

If you have a SBE I is it a flat rib or step ribbed one?

Either way the differences in receivers,radius and the 3/8" will make the Monte feel shorter as you'll basically have to choke up on the stock to get down on the flat rib with the shorter receiver.

Does that make any sense to you or clear as mud?

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My SBE has a step up rib, and yes what you are saying does make sense. I haven't had the opportunity to handle a M2, but I am glad to hear that they point like a SBE, as that would have been my next question. My Sbe works great and will shoot anything that I feed it, but when I put my mag. extension on, it doesn't like to cycle the light loads very well. I am hopeing that a gun with a 3'' chamber might cure this problem,

I plan to use this gun for target shooting, pheasants and quail. any thoughts on this theory would be appreciated

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I can't see where a 3" magazine would be subject to cycle lighter loads any better than the 3.5".


I am curious. In Texas, is it legal to hunt with more than three shells in the gun for all species?

In VA, we can only use unrestricted magazines for snow geese.

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Like anyone else, we are restricted to 3 shots on migratory birds, but for everything else the law says nothing on how many shells your gun can hold. Now befor you say I am a terrible example of a sportsman, I don't use a mag. extension while hunting, just while target shooting and the like ;)

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