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Sbe recoil spring help

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How do I get # 8 out ?

I've tried penetrating oil , heat, heat then dip it penetrating oil to cool, rounded off the 17mm bolt, and if I tighten vise grips any more I'll smash it.

I didn't have this problem with my M1


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Honestly, I have never disassembled it by myself, but I think that it is not nesessary to get this tube out for cleaning. ### 9 and 10 will come out after removing screwnut #7. Actually, don't listen to me and call them. They will give you detail instructions in no time.

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Its not easy. Put receiver in padded vice. Get a few cheap shop towels and wrap them TIGHT around the tube, and then cover in duct tape, pretty good roll. Then get pipe wrench and only after heating the part where it screws into the receiver for a good bit, try to unscrew. I did it on mine, and it took time but I got it off.

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