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SBE II Steady Grip: Trigger Guard Assembly Removal

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Hate to admit it but I'm hung up on the last step of stripping procedure. Gun is new / not yet fired...wanted to fully clean components to clear factory corrosion preventatives.


Got to the last step with ease...removed the retention pin per the manual, depressed the ejector button to pull the trigger guard assy forward...won't budge a micron...yanked, pulled and cursed...nottin'....stopped short of taking out the tool box to dig out a pry bar...


anybody out there have experience with this procedure on a new gun?...Is the recv'r housing just too tight to let go?...is the manual "forgetting" to mention a critical step, i.e., steady grip stock removal req'd to pull the trigger guard assy?...


pls advise / tks

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Insert they fail to mention in the manual about the steadygrip...you have to remove the stock to get the triggerguard out of this one. The hook on the pistol grip blocks the back of the guard from swinging down. This is just on the SBE model. If it's just the shim keeping it from being removed, then after you take the stock off just use some scissors to trim the bottom lip off the drop shim.

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How big is that nut? Is there any thing like locktight on the nut that I may have to worry about? Just got me a new SBE2 SteadyGrip and am also cleaning out the shipping grease, but is cleaning out the grease of the trigger assy vitail? It doesnt have that much motion in there and the grease would help prevent rust And I put some rust preventative in there.

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Didn't see any grease at all so I left mine together for the virgin shootfest...just ran a light coating of Pro-Shot 1-step combo cleaner/lube...seemed like it did good job taking the "new gun" kinks out of the trigger action; evaporated without making things sloppy...

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