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SuperNova 2006 catalog page...

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This is the best I could do...




mudhen - CA


Note - I can't get the image any larger. Either Photo Bucket or this website is limiting the size.


I can e-mail the photo to Tucker if he wants...


[ 02-24-2006, 03:21 PM: Message edited by: mudhen ]

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SuperNova MSRP's:


$455 Black Comfy

$535 Camo Comfy - Max & Timber

$465 Black Steady

$535 Camo Steady - Timber

$400 Black Tact Comfy

$415 Black Tact Steady

$425 Black Tact Comfy Ghost

$440 Black Tact Steady Ghost


mudhen - CA

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prices are a far cry from the $325 novas,plus the novas collapsible is not looking at all like it belongs on the weapon tongue.gif two thumbs down,,,,, :cool: ---------------PS,,thanks mudhen


[ 02-24-2006, 07:24 PM: Message edited by: M1014 ]

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The MSRP between the old and new is only 100 different. They won't sell for 455. besides, the if it has the criochokes and comfortech, it's probably worth it. to upgrade a nova to a recoil reducer bracket and mercury capsule is 60 bucks, and a new recoil pad is at least 40. If you don't already have a nova, with the features its got, it's actually a pretty good deal for new pump buyers.

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Hm.. Interesting look to it.. I just may have to add a 3rd shotgun to my collection.. within the next few years.. Not right now though. If I do buy one of these SuperNovas it'll either be the Comfortech Super Nova 12 Gauge in Timber HD or the SteadyGrip Timber HD one. Mudhen do you know if they have the crio barrel and chokes by any chance?



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I don't know. I snagged mine at the NWTF convention.


I scanned the pages for the Ultra Light and SuperNova. Who ever wants them can PM me for an email. I tried to post them but I don't have enough web space.


[ 02-26-2006, 09:01 PM: Message edited by: 69beers ]

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