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Nova Pump vs. M1 (20 ga.)

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The price difference between these two shotguns is considerable! Is it really worth purchasing the M1?


20 ga. Nova Pump owners ... how's the kick? how's the slide? smooth action? quick follow-ups?


I'm looking for a 20 ga. duck gun (will be shooting 3" Kent Matrix and Kent Fast Steel).

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I cant comment on the Nova. However my wife has 2 20ga M1's and love them. They have been nothing but reliable. The TM loads you are talking about are great also. The 3" #3's will knock a giant Canada iside out within 35 yards. She has been using a Briley X2 LM choke. Hope this helps.

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on the other end .. no complaints from the Nova 20ga either. It sees limited shooting but, its been trusted and hasn't failed in any way when I've used it.


If you're considering a 20ga pump duck-gun..

there's only two out there worth their price


870WM and the Nova ... nuff said there.

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