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Rolling Feeder Duck Calling

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Looking for advice or the secret to being able to do the "rolling" feeder duck call. I can do the "dig a, dig a, or tick-it, tick-it but can not seem to "roll it over to a rolling feeder call. Been trying for several weeks..........people say just keep trying but I think I continue to do the same thing.


Welcome thoughts, advice or recommended tapes/CDs.



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Given that ducks vocalize the rolling feed call from the air, I don't utilize that call from the ground.


I do use the feed call that ducks use on the water, which is just a fast series of ticks or digs, with no connecting notes.


mudhen - CA

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mudhen is right. On the water ducks cluck, so just use ticks and tucks, leave out the a, as in ticka or tucka in a rolling feed call (what ducks do in the air). Learn to say the word "cuck". then you've got it. Get the RNT instructional cd or the Buck Gardner instructional cd or video. they're really good!!


Magnum Force :D

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