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2006-2007 Pictures

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Time for you to learn how to post pics.

I've uploaded them for hosting, so all you have to do is to insert the code into your post.


After this, you're going to need to learn to upload them as well.

Get an account set up with Hunt101.com, or some other hosting services, and you'll be on your way to cyber independence!


Link to first pic.



Link to second pic.



Post 'em up and let's hear something about the hunt.


Tip: clciking on the smaller picture takes you to the larger version.


[ 12-10-2006, 09:59 AM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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I want you guys to take note of something else in that second picture I posted.


Look at my insulated neoprene waders and then look at Leroy's uninsulated rubber waders.


It was 21 degrees at 5AM when we started setting up, and we had ice around the edges of the area we were in.


By sunrise, it had dropped down to about 15, and by 7:30 ice had engulfed all but a small area in the center of the spread.


Leroy had a small Coleman heater in the blind, but he didn't run it but a few minutes to warm up his toes around 8 AM.


I didn't get cold, but given the differences in equipment, I would have frozen in what he was wearing.




[ 12-10-2006, 10:22 AM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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Most folks would assume that the boat we dragged up and around the dam was the one with the ducks laid across it.

Actually, that one's not ready to go yet, so we used the one directly behind us.

it slid well in frozen mud and frosted reeds.

Not so well when we hit the gravel dike.

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Not nearly as active today, and we screwed up on the biggest gang of mallards, allowing them to swing around for one more pass......gone.


Got a couple of Gadwalls, a Ringneck, and my first ever Shoveler.




Getting there a full hour early leaves Leroy some MUCH NEEDED beauty rest time. :D



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It's been SLOW here, because of the warmer than usual weather, but if finally cooled off this week.


Thursday, we hunted in snow, sleet, and rain and got a three man limit of woodies, mallards, blacks, wigeons, and ringnecks.

I knocked down my first ever drake pintail, but after an hour long search, resulting in the flattening of an acre of cattails, I gave up on finding him.

I marked the exact spot he dropped, but he went in with just a broken wing, and the water was 3' deep with cattails for 300 yards in every direction :( .


No pics from Thursday.


Friday, we tried a different setup. Had hundreds of shots on ringnecks, but didn't fire the gun. I really don't care for them.


Saturday, we went back to the spot we hunted on Thursday.

The weather was sunny, but reasonably cold and windy.


Had a lot of mallards come in before legal light, but the left before we could shoot.


Nonetheless, I did manage to get a banded greenhead around lunchtime and a hen pintail mid-afternoon.



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Lucky you, it has been over since January 4th, geese was January 12th. Here are a few pics from this year, I think I hunted over decoys maybe three times this year, the rest was just pass shooting.






How do I post pics :confused: :confused:

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I passed on Teal and divers until 9:30. I had 2 grays, 1 mallard and 1 widgeon, when the other group of guys with us were picking up their decoys, so I shot the next to Teal that came in for a limit. Brother-in-law has his limit of two grays and a Teal by 7:00.



First week of the season had a great group of guys from across the country join me in Louisiana for the 2nd Annual Typhunters shootout. The shooting was fairly slow, but we had a great time.



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