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Topic: 48AL for a youth utility?

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Hi everyone,


I 've recently had the privelage to take an 11yr. old boy ( larger framed ) out Pheasant and Grouse hunting. He is not very familiar with the outdoors but shows large interest and I have the opportunity to reveal and share this with him.


My question is: Have any of you given the 48AL a try using slugs and, if so, how the long recoil action has acted and what slugs have given the best results.


I've been leaning toward recomending the 48AL to his mother to purchase seeing as he does well with mine on farm birds and 'back field' clays. But want to recomend a good quality 'utility' gun.... something he can also take to the woods and 'pie plate' at 50-60yrds.


Any comments on the 48's slug capabilities would be appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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