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Eotech Holosight for wingshooting

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I'm a 56 year old pheasant hunter from flint mi, shooting since age 10. i've tried everything including the holosight. have to agree with others; don't care for it. like the books on shotgun shooting by Brister and others say, you shouldn't be aware of anything but the bird. i find concentrating only on the bird, with gunbarrel in blurred periphery, and not stopping the gun, plus a "gun to face, not face to gun' smooth mount, is what to concentrate on. dan mcphail, flint mi (world's largest single purchaser and owner of 48AL's)

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I havent tried a holosight But i use a magnetic fiberoptic sight for skeet and trap. I find that when im concentrating on the target it illuminates just enough that you always know where your aiming.

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for years i shot an old mossburg pump with no front bead at all. head placement and moveing the gun is the way . wing shooting is more intuitive than aiming you point a shot gun not aim it.... you must be the shot grasshopper... :D

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