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Don't use 'pass' for 'decoy'ing birds...

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You hit that mallard so hard you flattened out her bill!


had similar experience the other day on farm-raised/escaped pheasants.

My buddy asked me if steel 2's would knock 'em down.

I told him they should.

He nearly blew one in half at 15 yards :o


He switched to lead 8's after that.

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Don't blame the choke, you didn't get your lead right. lol. Anyway, Mudhen, which do you like better, the decoy choke or the passing choke. I mainly hunt geese. You wouldn't happen to have pictures or a link to show what both chokes do on paper at 20, 40 and 60 yards?


I shoot both - carry them both on every hunt.


I guess I use the 'decoy' more because it works fine with Hevi Shot and Matrix.


Nope, I don't take pictures of duck patterns, sorry.

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I usually use winchester super X, Drylock, HV, and supreme. I don't like spending that much on shells, and the Supreme 3 and 3-1/2 do awesome. I was just looking for something a little more tighter for the higher shots. I think the Decoy would do just fine because it is a little tighter then the modified I use and the modified works quite well. So you answered my question. Thanks

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