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decoy rigging advice?

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howdy all.. looking to rig up decoys and being new to it I thought I would ask for input. Im mostly hunting currented/stagnent swamp,flooded timber.. at deepest I've found so far the water is 7-10 feet deep. Do I want them a lil shorter or longer to allow them to move with wind, current.. or is the answere obvious? Much ablidged in advance for any responces... also would you rig some to the front and some to the back of keel or just the front...? Any rigging advice of any kind appreciated ..that sums it all up ... lol

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I ordered a dozen new decoys for this past season and kept it simple with my rigging. I ordered some cord crimps, PVC line and strap weights Cabelas. I measured of 12 feet of line for each decoy and using the cord crimps attached the weight to the decoys. I generally hunt in water around 5 feet deep but decided I would rather have too much line then not enough. A little bit of extra line does allow the decoys to move around more in the wind. I rap excess line around the keel of the decoys. If you are only using a dozen or two decoys then I would rig the decoys like I did. If you use six dozen or so decoys or need to be able to set up quickly, then rig 4 or 6 decoys together with three feet in between each decoy and use one heavy weight for the rig.


It doesn't really mater whether the line is in the front or the back, but it couldn't hurt to mix things up a bit.

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Texas rigging works well for shallow water rigs, but it gets a bit cumbersome for lines over 5-6 ft. long.


I would have recommended this method for most swamp hunters, but 7-10 ft deep water is a bit deeper than usual.


If the water's that deep just ins places, but averages more like 3ft., then the Texas rigs are the way to go.

I can't imagine puddlers feeding in 7-10 ft. deep waters anyway.

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its about 7-10 at the deepest and in middle of the swamp... its mostly flooded timber, the main channel is the deep and visualy clear area where i would imagine the decoys would mostly be set up to catch the eye of the incoming...at early morning etc, coming in to feed along the banks and flooded timber... would it be best if i set up off the channel and into the timbers?? In your opinions where would be best to set up? Open water or in the flooded timbers?

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Watch the duck and see where the come in, but they are going to go to where the food is.

Puddlers (mallards, gadwalls, woodies, blacks) aren't going to be feeding in deep waters.

They typically like the stuff that's ankle to waist deep.

If legal use a Mojo to pull them in where you want them.

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