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POI Question

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Yes, it's called cast.

RH guns are typically "cast off" and LH guns are setup "cast on".

In either case, the stock is angled slightly away from the cheek to allow the shooter to get squarely behind the gun.


The steel plates with the off-center holes determine the cast.


As HW stated, the manual outlines how to arrange them for the desired cast and drop.


If you don't have all the pieces, contact Benelli and ask for them :cool:

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Why wasn't this part included with my gun? Isn't that part the cast adjustment?


Well I was going to post a pic but for some reason...I can't. It is the part in the lower right corner that says SX




If you take the recoil pad off you will see this part inside the but stock. If it is like my M2 all you should need to do is to remove the one that is in there pull it straight out and look at it. Then turn it over and re insert it.



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